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Chatbox added *Rules inside* Empty Chatbox added *Rules inside*

Post  Sammi on Sun Aug 22, 2010 1:34 pm

Hello everyone! I've added a chat-box to the bottom of the home-page~ (Basically like instant messaging)

You can join the Chat-box by clicking the "Log in" Button on the top right-hand corner of the Chat-box. You do not have to join the Chat-box but please do so if you want!

I do have a condition though...

No fighting, if you do not agree with someone on something, you are intitled to your opinion but, no need to fight about it. We are all here to have fun, there is no need to have bad blood. If a fight does break-out, members involved will be banned from the chat-box. If it continues elsewhere members involved will be banned from the forum and thus kicked out of Airashii Project.

This is all just in case :3 I hope none of that actually happens! I have seen fighting on other forums and it's ridiculous drama the should be saved for Real Life :3


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