How to Record and Turn in Lines*in case you need it*

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How to Record and Turn in Lines*in case you need it*

Post  Sammi on Sun Jul 19, 2009 9:13 pm

To Record:

Use an audio program like Audacity, which is the program I use, or anything else you might have on your computer. Record yourself singing, in time with the song, the lines you were assigned. Be sure that there is as little background noise as possible, (Have the volume on your speakers turned down low or use headphones, or you can get a noise reducing mic, which is what I use.) When you are done recording your lines and are happy with them, export them.

To Turn in Lines:
upload the exported file to sites like,Mediafire,Box,Sendspace, or Megaupload, then post the link to the lines under the proper forum (The single forum that you as singing for). The best format to turn lines in with is .wav or.MP3

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