The Great Revival: Motivation/Penalties

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The Great Revival: Motivation/Penalties

Post  Sammi on Sun Apr 04, 2010 12:20 am

Minuki-chan as informed me of a great way to help get our motivation level up! The Penalty system sounds like it will work wonders~

What is a penalty?:

A penalty is something you get for not turning your lines in on time :/

Wait... what happens if I get a penalty?

Well if you get 3 penalties you are out of the Project 8( This is to ensure that we keep singles going and have fun and produce quality group dubs in a timely fashion!

Oh no! what if I can't make the deadline? What can I do so I don't get a penalty?!

Simple. Let me know if you can't make a deadline and I will give you an extension (which normally gives you another week and a half. If you can't make that one please let me know and we can talk about it.). If you fail to meet the extended deadline, you will get a penalty. Unfortunately after 3 penalties I will have to kick you out.

What if I reaaallly like this project? Can I get back in if I am kicked out?

You may audition for the next generations auditions, but it really depends on the dubber and the situation if you can get in or not.

All of this may seem harsh, but it is for the greater good~ i promise!

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Re: The Great Revival: Motivation/Penalties

Post  therealallisonss on Fri May 07, 2010 2:13 pm


*runs off to do the concert lines*

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