TVXQ/DBSK Bolero Group dub (2 spots needed)

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TVXQ/DBSK Bolero Group dub (2 spots needed)

Post  momo on Tue Jun 15, 2010 8:58 pm

if you haven't heard this song, it truely is beautiful!! I love it!

So I would like to sing it with two people from this project~

the only problem is that this song needs a LOT of emotion, so please have it in your singing.

please sing the chorus of this song for your audition and if you want 02's part please sing this parts in your audition:

itsumademo kimi wo terashi tsuzukeruyo
kimi no ai subeki mirai wo
doko itte mo
boku wa negai tsuzukeru yo
mamoru kara (oh) (oh)
oh wowow!


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