MAJI bomber (OPEN! full cast needed!)

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MAJI bomber (OPEN! full cast needed!) Empty MAJI bomber (OPEN! full cast needed!)

Post  momo on Wed Jul 07, 2010 10:27 pm

Yesum! I'm casting it, please audition if you'd like! I'd like some people from airashii project to be in this~

Maji bomber audititons open!

Lyrics: qds82j3fad

If you find mistakes in the coding let me know please! Also, can someone help me code the
"Namida wo Deru" Parts? XDD

1.Have energy in this song! Be proud of your voice and sing!
2.Turn your lines in on time! That means by the deadline, not a month after! (unless you let me know before hand)
3.Have a decent mic!
4.You MUST audition with this song!

To audition

send a clips of you singing THIS song. At least 1 verse and 1 chorus of it. Send it to me in a PM or as a video response!

Shimizu Saki: dahisuke*
Tsugunaga Momoko: Reevchan
Tokunaga Chinami: xiiaoICEangel
Sudou Maasa:
Natsuyaki Miyabi : maliciousdevice
Kumai Yurina: Minimomoful*
Sugaya Risako: SugoiiYumiChan*

I can't wait to hear your auditions~

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