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Post  Corsica on Sun Aug 01, 2010 1:12 am

Here is some stuff that I'm currently writing. I've picked these three stories because they are some way or another related to the idol world. The last two have appearances from H!P members.

(Untitled Work)
A major media CEO wants to break up a professor-idol couple so that the CEO's daughter can marry the idol. It is a thriller, which means that it has a serious tone and it has a lot of action. This has the same level of violence and romance that you'd expect in a Star Wars movie.

"Berryz Meetup"
A group of ordinary dubbers meet Berryz Koubou. Meanwhile, other celebrities want to make life hard for the Berryz. This is written in a skit/play format, and it's written by more than one author. It's more of a comedy than anything else. Some parts are mad funny.

"Flamma: A Pokemon Story"
What happens when the Pokemon world and the idol world meet? This is a light story with original characters and H!P members having fun with their Pokemon. I just started it so there aren't that many H!P people in it yet, but they will be there soon. It's a fun, light-hearted read.

The stories are short right now, but I post updates from time to time. I'll post here after a major update.

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